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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Living La Vida Local with Charlie and Munchie

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We survived. That's about all we can say about our latest big move to a community filled with pet lovers and folks our age.

Throughout the month of April our home was a mine field filled with boxes upon boxes upon bags and more. A veritable "tower of terror." The pets found it fascinating although once we started moving the stuff over to the new place (when we took possession after the beginning of the month) Munchie decided that he had better find a good box to hide in so we didn't forget him while Charlie just stuck close. 

We brought Charlie with us on as many trips as possible to the place before moving in and by the third time, he knew he was home. Poor Munchie didn't have that opportunity, being a cat who doesn't like being in a carrier, so his first exposure was the day we actually had the movers show up. So, in essence, Charlie spent his 6th birthday moving - and he couldn't be happier.
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This place has a huge green area with ample room to roll and roam. We can take a different route each day (almost got lost the first day) and there are so many pups to play with and so many hoo-mans to avoid! And he can even go outside on the patio to bark at passersby! Who could ask for more!

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Dad and Charlie on the front patio
So, life is settling into a routine now and while he would rather have both of us at home at all times, little things like working to buy Charlie treats makes that pretty much impossible. He and Munchie have both found their favorite places to sleep and keep vigil during the past few weeks and that makes us happier than ever. 

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Until next time....

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas 2015 with Charlie and Munchie

Charlie was more than ready for the holidays this year. His dad kept telling him that "Santy Paws" was coming, and we really think that he was geared up to go by the time Christmas week finally got here. Same as we did, each pet got something out of their stocking the 4 days before Christmas and they loved their treats and treasures. 

Charlie Dog anticipating Santy paws
On Christmas day, the smell of ham baking had Charlie's nose up in the air. He liked his old sweater (pictured) better than  his new jacket because the hood annoyed him, but with the unusually cold weather, he got to appreciate it.

Out with the old sweater
In with the new!

Unfortunately, so far Munchie likes Charlie's new bed better than he does, though Charlie has been spotted sneaking onto it to cuddle with his new toys a few times. We moved it under the coffee table for now, until all the Christmas stuff and tree are put away. Then he will make it his own.

Munchie-cat, at his advanced age, prefers snoozing and snacking to most anything else, though they both certainly enjoyed their Christmas dinners!

A belated Merry Christmas from our home to yours, and much love, peace and happiness in 2016 from Charlie, Mike, Sharon (and, reluctantly) from Munchie, too!